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lifestyle factors & your physical health
Exercise & Physical Health
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heart disease
treatment for heart disease & heart attack
how emotions & feelings affect physical health....
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illnesses & the emotions & feelings they produce...
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women & cancer
cancer & your mind....
cancer & your lifestyle factors
living in chronic pain
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altzheimer's & dementia

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How it all works...
The entire emotional feelings network of sites is linked together thru underlined link words. The reason for this is that when I decided I was strong enough to take over my recovery on my own, I began researching more topics that had to do with well being. The recovery process includes so many factors, that if you're trying to recover as a self helper - on a trial & error basis, much like I have...
....you find out the long journey thru the facts that everything in recovery is linked to something else. Every physical factor is linked to a mental health factor, every lifestyle factor is linked to both physical & mental factors & your emotions & feelings are linked to everything as well. It's a huge jigsaw puzzle that has almost all the same colors. The only thing that's for sure are the border pieces, so you know where to start.
Recovery is the same. Once you decide to do it, you have some ground work to complete & then you're on the adventure of your lifetime. the emotional feelings network of sites, which started with one site, linking lifestyle factors to mental health has steadily grown into a networ of almost 30 websites all put together by one person who has been in recovery for about 5 years.

To give you an example of what I mean by "linked thru underlined link words," just take a few seconds to click on this underlined link word; "recovery."
You'll get a new window opened for you to expand. Once you expand it, you'll see that you're at another of the emotional feelings network of sites, "try recovering 101."
This site is about what recovery involves, a brief overview of my background & a small window of opportunity to explain the importance of making a commitment to yourself to recover from whatever has made your life less than perfect.
The underlined link words in all the sites are available for you to explore the deeper meaning of what the informational resources are explaining to you. Recovery is an adventure, an exploration of your self, which sometimes takes an untainted sense of curiosity to get all you can from it & teaches you to become more aware of what you're learning.  
So all mention of "recovery" throughout the entire emotional feelings network of sites, is connected to this new site, "try recovering 101." This new site is once again, there to expound on the importance of making the commitment to recover.
The color green that you will see each word, "recovery" typed in represents the importance of personal growth.

Another feature that has been a longstanding goal of mine to incorporate into all of the pages of the network, is this:
Up to this point on this page, you've been offered 11 times the words of either recover or recovery to click on.
The reason you'll see the same underlined link words offered to you so many times on every page of the network is that we are all stubborn. We don't think we want to go that far. We hem, we haw, we think of excuses like the lack of time, or that we're really not that interested in finding out too much information on this visit to the sites.
"Another good excuse is, I'm just looking around to see what's available." 
You've now been offered the words of either recover or recovery 13 times on this page... don't you think it's time to click on the word to see how the process really works for your benefit? Sometimes we never know when we'll read something that really strikes a chord within us. It might make a huge change occur in our life.

There's one site, which is the original site of the network, anxieties 101, that has info concerning mental health and how lifestyle factors affect your mental health.


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